Easy Mobile Airplane Controller Free Unity Package


Your quick start package to make your own airplane Unity game. But this is the free and very basic package. To get the more improved one, click here: https://creativeshop.ciihuy.com/product/unity-mobile-airplane-controller-package-some-other-aircraft-3d-models/



This package contains a useful script and example scene to get you started to make your own airplane/aircraft Unity game. It is built for mobile devices, means you have airplane controller buttons on screen so you can just touch the buttons to fly and enjoy the unlimited sky. Sounds like BS uh? Lolzzzz…

I’ve made this script and package by spending several hours and recorded the progress that you can watch in this YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtZUQWWVMRK1YGpJfh0DcVS_4atnDOh_c

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