Desert Pickup Driver Template 2


Pick up truck delivery game inside a Unity Package. Just import, extract, add scenes to the build and done.



Pick up truck delivery missions Unity game template integrated with AdMob banner and interstitial ads. It supports touch screen controls optimized for mobile devices. So many features included, such as:

– Integrated with AdMob banner and interstitial ads
– It has multi languages localization, currently supporting English and Bahasa Indonesia. You can make your own language configuration if you know how to modify the code.
– Touch screen supported inputs, such as acceleration and brake pedals, and transmission toggle to switch between forward and backward movements.
– Touch screen steering wheel, you can also switch to simple touch arrow button to steer the car.
– Headlight button to switch the headlight on and off.
– Left, right and both (hazard) lights button.
– Horn button.
– Fuel, car health/maintenance and hunger system and slider indicator on screen.
– Mini map to display the game map and can be switched to full screen map.
– You can switch between multiple camera angles to view your car.

Game play mechanism is this way:

You own a pick up truck. You can drive anywhere and you will find a pickable objects such as crate boxes, you can pick the object. After picking a pickable object you can see a destination in your map. Once you deliver the good, you will earn some cash. You will also be able to collect some coins across the roads to add have more cash.

There are several locked places, such as buildings and a statue. Once you reach any of them, you can unlock it by paying some cash. After unlocking them, you will be able to save your game on that location (to save your car location, so next time you play you will start on that location).

There are 3 slider indicators on screen: fuel, car health/maintenance and hunger. By driving you will constantly losing any of these levels of indicator, you will lose fuel, car will need maintenance and you will become hungry. To get them full you need to reach any of these buildings: gas station, car maintenance center and restaurant. But you will need to pay to them before you can have the full filled indicators.

Oh ya, after importing the package and extracting it, make sure you add these three scenes into the build:
– TNAdmob/TNAdmob
– MainMenu
– World1

You can also play it on your Android device by downloading it from Google Play:

NOTE: the actual game on that Google Play is initially made based on this Unity package, but time by time get updated and more feature is being added by the owner of that game, that means this package is not same as that improved game on Google Play link.


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