Ciihuy Level Navigation System


Easy to implement scene & level navigation system for your Unity games. Plus a demo scene with touch/mobile First Person controller system so you can explore the scenes by moving the player with virtual joystick and jump button.

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This Unity package includes some sample scenes with easy implementation of levels and scenes navigation system.

As example, you have a character (player) inside a scene and there is a door in it. You move your player to that door, when it reaches that door it will automatically bring the player to the next level/scene at some starting point (certain coordinates) to continue the game’s next level or next area. The area is 2nd level/scene. Then on that second scene is also a door to bring you back to the first scene.

This system can help you to make such kind of scene navigation mechanism in your game. Maybe this system is suitable for a virtual tour games that allow players to explore and navigate many different areas.

Watch this tutorial to see how this thing works…


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