Ciihuy Creative Shop is an online store owned by Habibie, an Indonesian guy, selling his digital products such as designs, codes and any digital works of him.

Habibie is a talented computer programmer. He made so many web, mobile and desktop apps. He is also a good graphic designer, video editor and computer animator.

You will find many interesting creative digital products of Habibie in this store at low price and satisfying quality.

Entire products on this shop are provided “AS IS” which mean there are no guarantee that what you purchase must be a perfect product. However, Habibie will try to help if you have any issue with the products.

To contact Habibie, you can always send an email to

My tutorial videos

Mostly of my products that I sell here, I made them along my tutorials that I recorded and published on my YouTube channel. You can check my tutorials here:

Support me, please

By purchasing and using my products, please support me by not sharing my paid products that you have purchased to other person. Instead, encourage them to buy that product. I need you to do this to help me supported creating those products, as I am just an individual that need cash for living, to feed my family, blablabla. I hope you will do it for me.

Even free products that you got from my website, please share the link to the others so they also visit my website and don’t share the product file itself.

About your Privacy

We only collect basic information about you and your purchases solely for keeping the web runs properly and we won’t share any private information of you to anyone.